Ulindi whelped 7 fat, healthy pups (all shown above playing with Mom) on Sunday July 31, 2011....... the last day of our 6th annual Ridgeback Rodeo. 4 males and 3 females.  What a day that was!  They are sired by our new Grand Champion  Victor.  This was the first litter for both of these dogs and it looks like we will be doing some serious ridgeless research for future reference. We unfortunately got 5 ridgeless pups out of the 7..... not very good statistics. The one ridged male and one ridged female are looking very nice. Most importantly,  they are all healthy at this point and Lindi has turned out to be the best dam, except for tryng to dig a den under my porch every time she goes outside.  These pups are all spoken for, but if anyone is interested in a 2012 TerraCotta pup,  please fill out the puppy application on another page of this website.

Here are some photos of the new litter which I will try to update weekly.

Ulindi X Victor pups 7-8 weeks

Ulindi X Victor pups - 6 weeks

Ulindi X Victor pups - 5 weeks

Ulindi X Victor pups - birth to 4 weeks