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Calli - CH TerraCotta's Calliope by Orion is the pup we kept from Genny's litter sired by Zeus.

Drac - GCH DC Java's I am Dracula at TerraCotta SC, NAJ, NA, OAJ, OA, AXJ,TKI lives in Hermitage, PA with co-owner Karen Mikulin.

Genny..... TerraCotta's Genny Cream Ale is the pup we kept from our Valor X Tara litter born 7/9/15. She is about 4 months old in this photo.

Polly.....CH Anjari's In Cahoots With TerraCotta

Tara .....GCH TerraCotta's Tara Inkosi ROM is co-owned by myself and Kim and Al Lucchini of Washington, PA where she resides unless she's being shown by me. She is out of my Bruno X Tana litter born 9/27/12.

TerraCotta Champions.....those marked with an asterisk * were breeder/owner/handled by me, Karen Watson

  1)      KADAR - CH TerraCotta's Kadar - (Tux X Kali 1996)
  2)     *TIXO - CH TerraCotta's Tixo Inkosi - (Fairplay X Tabi 2004)
  3)     *RHEBA - CH TerraCotta's Pure Kimani - (Mozambique X Tabi 2003; co-bred with Alicia Hanna)
  4)      GIBSON - CH Kimani's Life in the Fast Lane (Mozambique X Tabi 2003; co-bred with Alicia Hanna)
  5)     *TANA - CH TerraCotta's Tana Khoisan - (Mojave X Rheba 2006)
  6)     *THEMBA - CH TerraCotta's Themba Inkosi - (Mojave X Rheba 2006)
  7)      KITABA - CH TerraCotta's Desert Rose - (Mojave X Rheba 2006) owner/handled by Mary Szyper
  8)      ZULU - CH TerraCotta's Zulu Renegade - (Brody X Rheba 2007)
  9)      CHANCE - CH TerraCotta's Fast Chance - (Brody X Tana 2008) owner/handled by June Kuzynski
10)     *VICTOR - GCH TerraCotta's Victor Newman - (Ciro X Rheba 2009)
11)     *RINGO - CH TerraCotta's Ringo Starr - (Ciro X Rheba 2010)
12)     *TARA - GCH TerraCotta's Tara Inkosi - (Bruno X Tana 2012)
13)      QUINCY - CH TerraCotta's Honorable Soldier - finished AKC CH 6/18/14 (Bruno X Tana 2012) owner/handled by Roxanne Repaal
14)      LILA - CH TerraCotta's Always Room for Jello - (pronounced Lee Lah) (Victor X Ulindi 2011) owner/handled by Mary Szyper
15)     *GENNY - CH TerraCotta's Genny Cream Ale - (Valor X Tara 2015)
16)     *TEAK - GCH TerraCotta's Tecate Inkosi - (Valor X Tara 2015)
17)       KIKO - CH TerraCotta's Lobo Lito - (Valor X Tara 2015)
18)       LACY - CH TerraCotta's  Chantilly Lace - (Ciro X Tana 2014) owner/handled by June Kuzynski
19)       ROCCO - CH Anjari's Iroc-n-Roll With TerraCotta - (Ciro X Tana 2014) owner/handled by Lisa Croxall
20)       AIKO - CH TerraCotta's Dog-n-Suds Root Beer JC - (Valor X Tara 2015) partially owner/handled by Robert Garrity
21)       HANK - CH TerraCotta's Great American Lager - (Valor X Tara 2015) owner/handled by Cindy Maple
22)       BUDDY - GCH TerraCotta's Leinie's Red Buddy - (Valor X Tara 2015)
23)       ROGUE - CH TerraCotta's Goin Rogue at Tifari FDC CA  (Gryffin X Polly 2021) owner/handled by Kathy Baij

Champions owned and handled, but not bred, by TerraCotta:
KALI - DC Kalimba Kizuri of TerraCotta - (Mingo X Kika 1992 bred by Nancy Smith)
ULINDI - CH Diamond's Ulindi of TerraCotta - (Mojave X Tempest 2004 bred by Dan and Vilma O'Neill)
POLLY - CH Anjari's In Cahoots With TerraCotta (Chael X Cira 2016 bred by Annette Ernst)
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Karen  Watson
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