We take the raising and selling of our pups very seriously and like to get to know their future owners as well as possible....hence all the questions.
This application is the first step in getting a TerraCotta pup/dog and MUST be filled out prior to any purchase or visit. All questions must be answered or the form will not submit. The filling out of the application does not guarantee a sale by any means, but instead gives me all of your contact information for future reference and gives me an idea of the reasons you want a Ridgeback and your plans for the dog's future.

My current basic prices (ALWAYS SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

$1200 for ridge-less pet quality pups (if available);

$2000 for ridged pet quality pups;

$2500 for show quality/breeding potential pups.

Remember the initial cost can be a drop in the bucket compared to the ongoing expense of dog ownership, especially if unexpected vet bills arise. Please be confident that you can afford dog ownership for at least the next 12 or so years when you consider purchasing a puppy.

I strongly suggest adding your email to our mailing list on the home page of this site so that you will be notified when a new litter of pups is due. You can always unsubscribe later very easily if you wish.