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LA JOYA VALLEY RANCH: - a new hunting reserve in La Joya, NM not far from us at all. Eric and I are managing it under the name of Scattergun Mgmt. Team. Elk and mule deer hunting, upland game birds, javalina, turkey and so much more.

RIDGEBACKS & CHILDREN:  Ridgebacks & Children  I believe a long time breeder Barbara Sawyer-Brown wrote this informative article concerning how Ridgebacks get along with kids. It's all about common sense and a good read.

WOODHAVEN LABS ARTICLES:  Woodhaven Labs  A Labrador Retriever in Michigan that has done her research and has a great number of informative articles regarding the health and welfare of her Labs that will work for Ridgebacks too!

2 HOUNDS DESIGN:   2 Hounds Design A very cool website offering custom-made, creative and comfortable designer dog collars for medium, large and extra-large breeds. Many other items too!
AKC - AMERICAN KENNEL The American Kennel Club is one of the largest registries of purebred dogs and their website is loaded with information about breeders, registrations, pedigrees, dog news, dog legislation, etc.

ASFA - AMERICAN SIGHTHOUND FIELD Lure coursing is great fun and great exercise for you and your Ridgeback and The American Sighthound Field Association is the originator of this sport. Lure coursing stimulates and tests your dog's natural hunting and chasing instincts, but is a bloodless sport. Click here to learn more about this fun sport.

ATTS - AMERICAN TEMPERAMENT TESTING This organization was developed to provide for a uniform national program of temperament testing of purebred and spayed/neutered mixed-breed dogs. I think everyone should get their Ridgeback temperament tested. It is an enlightening experience and a title can be earned: TT.
BEST FRIEND PET is a boarding facility owned by Fred Schade who is a Ridgeback owner and enthusiast. Fred has a show pup from my recent Rheba X Brody litter. His facility is clean and well maintained, so if you live anywhere near Erie, Pennsylvania and need to board a pet, I highly recommend him.

DRUG REHAB THERAPY WITH ANIMAL ASSISTANCE:  - strives to educate and help anyone who is suffering from a mental health or substance abuse disorder. There are many different types of treatment and they want people to be knowledgeable about all treatment options. Animal-assisted therapy can be a great addition to your current treatment regimen. I can certainly understand how a pet could help with recovery!

ADDICTION GUIDE:    A 100% free and self funded website per founder Chris Carberg. Another source to help spread awareness and possibly save lives.

KALAHARI'S website: This fellow breeder and Ridgeback judge has some very interesting and educational information about our breed on her site. Enjoy.

OFA (ORTHOPEDIC FOUNDATION FOR ANIMALS:   OFA   If you are breeding or buying a puppy, always ask to see OFA certifications for the breeding stock. (See RRCUS code of ethics). If you can't see them, look them up on this site. All Ridgeback breeding stock should, at the very least, be certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia. 

POST - PEDIGREE ONLINE SEARCH TOOLPOST   Need to research the pedigrees of one of my dogs? Look no further. This wonderful tool has been compiled by dedicated Ridgeback enthusiasts and is a must for breeders. The site has recently been updated with many photos so you can see what your dog's ancestors looked like!

RAISIN RIVER RHODESIAN CLUB OF MICHIGAN: Raisin River is a very active licensed club of which I am a member. They host many events every year including conformation shows, agility trials and lure coursing field trials.

RIDGEBACK HEALTH:  A wonderful website created by our breed club's health and genetics committee. This site is dedicated to helping owners and breeders find the tools and information they need for their dogs to live long, healthy lives. Here you will find health problems associated with Ridgebacks, genetic research and cutting edge diagnostic and treatment options available.

RRCUS - RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK CLUB OF THE UNITED   There is a wealth of information on our breed's national club website. This is probably where you found my name and website. I recommend that you read all of the articles under breed information on this site before you purchase a Ridgeback. So if you have not been there already, please check this site out. 

The following are all dog show superintendent's websites where you can see what upcoming shows are scheduled in your area, enter shows, get show results, etc: 

INFODOG is the MBF dog show superintendent site and is a great site for the dog show fancier. It tells of upcoming dog shows, obedience trials, agility trials, etc. and is searchable by date and state. Puppy matches, seminars and other dog-related events are listed too. Show results are also available for all MBF shows. A must-have link for the show enthusiast to bookmark on their computer. You can also enter shows through this site.

RAU DOG SHOWS:  Another dog show superintendent.

FOY TRENT DOG SHOWS:  Another dog show super.

JACK ONOFRIO DOG  Another dog show superintendent.

EXECUTIVE DOG SHOWS:  A dog show secretary.


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