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born 4/11/2006
HIPS good RR-9155G25M-PI
ELBOWS normal RR-EL3588M25-PI
CERF normal RR-1748/2009-37
THYROID normal MSU report 6/13/2008

Themba, pictured above, is co-owned by myself and our good friends Kim and Al Lucchini in Washington, PA. He finished his AKC Championship easily out of the Bred By class. He is a handsome red wheaten dog with excellent movement and temperament and a playful personality; Kim calls him the "puppy punk" even though he is now most definitely a mature, handsome dog. Exiting from the ring at one of his shows, a spectator commented that Themba looked like the "Brad Pitt" of dogs! So I lovingly call him Brad sometimes.

Themba was neutered in 2011 and is no longer available for stud.

Here is a link to Themba's pedigree:

Here is the OFA link to Themba's hip and elbow normal health clearances:
He also has a normal thyroid profile from MSU.


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