Rheba was once again bred to Ciro (see Ciro here - and we have puppies, shown in the header photo above. It was their first time outside and it wore them out! I even got their nails clipped while they were sleeping.   We have 5 healthy pups that were born on Sunday July 18, 2010, the same day that their Dad Ciro took his 3rd all breed Best in Show!  We have four males and one female. There are two show potential males and one show potential female at this time and two pet quality males. I will try to get more photos of these kids up soon. You can see a few photos of Rheba's 2009 litter by Ciro also on another page of this site under "past litters". These 5 pups are all in their forever homes enjoying the good lfe.

Left to right in the above photo we have:
Ringo - black collar show potential male with a nice head and nice black mask.
Beamer - orange collar show potential male.
Bear - blue collar, pet quality, ridgeless, livernose male.
Nala - pink collar show potential female.
Utley - tan collar, pet quality male with d.s.

Ciro X Rheba 2010 pups.....